U.S. Based Medical Billing & Coding Services

Your Medical Billing and Coding, Revenue Cycle Management, Practice Management, and Medical Credentialing is handled by our in-house team. No services are outsourced to other countries or 3rd parties.

Revenue Cycle Management SERVICES to Maximize Profits

Across The Healthcare Industry

We provide a fully customizable solution for your specific medical specialty that Increases Revenue, provides Predictable Cash Flow and Decreases Expenses. Spend your time on patient care instead of the confusing medical billing and coding process.

Emergency Rooms
Medical Clinics
Urgent Care Failities
Testing Labs
Medical Transport Companies

Medical Billing Software

We work with any in-house software that you use.


Medical Billing Services

With over 75 years experience in medical billing services industry, we have the experience to solve your billing and coding problems and ensure you are collecting what you are owed.

Practice Management

The U.S. medical and laboratory market is an extremely complicated industry. Leaving your assets in the hands of subcontracted employees from a foreign country can cause your business significant harm.

Revenue Cycle Management

We help simplify your processes by integrating the latest technology with your existing software or by creating a new solution to ensure your practice or laboratory is financially strong.

Medical Credentialing

Your Time & Your Staff’s Time Is Too Important to Waste On Paper Work. Give them the freedom to perform at their optimum level without the hassle of navigating their credentialing process.

Benefits To You

Collecting What Is Owed You

We implement a proven system to ensure you get paid for all the services you provide in a timely fashion.

Effective Communications

You deal directly with a Superior Billing Services employees and not a 3rd party or outsourced business.

No Outsourcing

We only employ U.S. based employees who are experts in medical billing and coding.

Insightful Reporting

You are provided with meaningful data driven reports designed to give you powerful insights to make better financial decisions.


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