medical practice billing service

A Complete Medical Practice Management Program designed to maximize your revenue.

expert billing and coding experience

We help improve your bottom line by hiring only U.S. highly qualified billing and coding employees. Their expertise in knowing how U.S. medical billing and coding complexities work, streamline your process so you can get paid what you’ve earned.

We have a wealth of experience in billing for insurance companies, Medicare, Medicade, and out of network payers.

reduce overhead costs

Why hire medical billing and coding staff members when you can outsource these responsibilities and reduce your overhead costs.

It’s not just the salaries that you incur when hiring new staff members. Increase tax obligations, medical, dental and other insurance costs, employee training, lost time, vacations and sick leave can all add up to a serious overhead cost.

These types of issues lead to a loss of revenue, disrupted cash flow, and a frustrated client experience.

25% Average Improvement in Net Collections
50% Average Reduction in Claim Denials

our medical practice management services
Ensure A Strong Profit Margin

We take a deep dive into several key areas that affect the ability of medical practices to maintain profitability.

Human Resource Administration

Operations Management

Attracting & Maintaing Top Talent


Strategic Support

Complainace & Liability Reduction

Budget Control

Claims Filing & Reporting

Financial Management

Performance Reporting & Insights


Revenue Cycle Management

We help simplify your processes by integrating the latest technology with your existing software or by creating a new solution to ensure your practice or laboratory is financially strong.

Medical Billing Services

With over 75 years experience in medical billing services industry, we have the experience to solve your billing and coding problems and ensure you are collecting what you are owed.

Practice Management

The U.S. medical and laboratory market is an extremely complicated industry. Leaving your assets in the hands of subcontracted employees from a foreign country can cause your business significant harm.

Medical Credentialing

Your Time & Your Staff’s Time Is Important To Waste On Paper Work. Give then the freedom to perform at their optimum level without the hassle of navigating their credentialing process.

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