Physician Practice Management

Providing medical financial & management solutions to improve your financial position.

Leverage The Experts In Physician Practice Management.
We Have Over 75 Years Experience In Turning Medical &
Laboratory Facilities Into Profitable Ones.

We focus on 3 core areas to help maximize your profitability, simplify your processes, and build your practice so you can do what you do best!

Boost Profitability
Hire and Retain Talent
Keeping YOUR Focus On Patient Care

Our 3 core areas can be broken down into several key areas, designed to manage and grow your medical or laboratory practice.

  • Medical staff development planning and execution
  • Primary care access strategies and execution
  • Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic demand analysis, site selection, implementation, optimization and operations
  • Patient Access Center development, planning, strategies, execution
  • Preventive Care/Population Health strategies and execution
  • Medical Group Quality rating improvement
  • Compensation systems alignment – multiple compensation methodologies
  • Rural Health Clinic planning and execution
  • Managed Care negotiations
  • Patient-centric schedule optimization – Call, Click or Walk In
  • Staffing ratio analysis bench marked to best practices
  • Physician peer productivity ranking and analysis
  • Succession planning to ensure long-term growth of medical staff and market
  • Operational reviews
  • EHR evaluation, recommendations and standardization
  • Physician alignment and growth initiatives
  • Strategic planning
  • Patient panel analysis, recommendations and strategies
  • Physician relations

We Do Not Outsource Our Physician Practice Management Or Our Medical Billing And Coding

In order to understand what an American medical practice or laboratory practice needs, you need people who are experts in the industry. They need experience in understanding what works and what does not, then training their highly skilled U.S. employees the nuances of that experience.
Too many issues occur when you outsource this type of management. You, your staff and patients deserve to know they are under the care of a trusted and experienced partner.

The U.S. medical and laboratory market is an extremely complicated industry. Leaving your assets in the hands of subcontracted employees from a foreign country can cause your business significant harm.

Medical Businesses We Serve

Emergency Rooms
Medical Clinics
Urgent Care Failities
Testing Labs
Medical Transport Companies

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