Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

A Complete Revenue Cycle Management Program designed to meet the challenges hospitals face.

medical billing services for hospital facilities

Hospital billing and coding is always changing. From a wide range of services to bill to a backlog of DNFB cases, getting the billing and coding done right the first time leads to a stronger cash flow position. With over 75 years in the industry we have a complete revenue cycle management program that will boost your hospitals profitability, so you can focus on what’s important.

Community Hospitals

Specialty Hospitals

Rural Hospitals

Large Hospital Networks

Critical Access Hospitals

Privately Owned Hospitals

25% Average Improvement in Net Collections
50% Average Reduction in Claim Denials

billing and coding challenges hospitals face

We take a deep dive into several key areas that affect the ability of emergency room practices to maintain profitability.

Wide Range Of Services To Bill

Hospitals offer a vast array of services to their patients, including medical care provided by doctors and nurses, use of hospital facilities, and diagnostic procedures like X-rays. Additionally, billing is further complicated by the type of service rendered, whether it is for treatment or observation. Given the numerous codes that must be used, it is not uncommon for errors to occur during the billing process.

DNFB Cases Can Be Problimatic

DNFB (Discharge but nor fully billed) cases can be a big problem for hospitals since they are typically extremely busy. Their billing can get backlogged which can have a severe effect on their cash flow position.

High Chance Of Mistakes

Because of the complexity of billing and coding for hospitals, it is easy for mistakes to happen. This can result in reduced or inaccurate revenue collections and compliance issues, specifically as it relates to Medicare and Medicaid

Difficulty Finding Coders

Some hospitals, such as smaller community and specialty hospitals, can find it difficult to hire and maintain qualified and experienced coders. So many of these hospitals are forced to offer huge sign-on bonuses and other incentives ti find the right people.

How hospitals can benefit from outsourcing
their billing and coding services

Minimizes Staff Problems

You don’t have to worry about finding, hiring, training, and retaining qualified coders. You also don’t have the headaches associated with absences or backlogged billing, which can negatively impact your revenue cycle.

Minimize Costly Mistakes

U.S. based billing service companies hire experienced staff, keep them trained on the newest regulations and monitor their work to make sure that your billing is done right the first time. This ensures the highest rate of collections and the minimum number od mistakes and denials.

Lower Costs

Less staff means lower payroll costs, lower training costs, less hardware and software and of course lower human resource costs. Your outsourced billing and coding company assumes the responsibilities so you don’t have to.

Additional Ways We Maximize Profit For hospitals

Medical Credentialing

Your Time & Your Staff’s Time Is Important To Waste On Paper Work. Give then the freedom to perform at their optimum level without the hassle of navigating their credentialing process.

Revenue Cycle Management

We help simplify your processes by integrating the latest technology with your existing software or by creating a new solution to ensure your practice or laboratory is financially strong.

Practice Management

The U.S. medical and laboratory market is an extremely complicated industry. Leaving your assets in the hands of subcontracted employees from a foreign country can cause your business significant harm.

Medical Billing Services

With over 75 years experience in medical billing services industry, we have the experience to solve your billing and coding problems and ensure you are collecting what you are owed.

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