Medical Credentialing

Your Time & Your Staff’s time is too important to Waste On Paper Work. Let The Experts Do It For You!

Medical Credentialing Services

We perform the heavy lifting for you to keep you and your staff fully credentialed and in compliance.


We ensure the credentials received from the practitioner are utterly accurate and review them periodically for added verification.


Ensure Compliance with NCQA & DHFS

Important Follow Ups

Follow ups are performed promptly to ensure credentials are kept on track.

Contract Issues

We resolve contract issues & maintain data integrity

Portal Registrations

Keep CAQH & PECOS credentialing updated


Provide timely notifications of upcoming re-credentialing

Medical Credentialing FAQ’s


How long does it take to get credentialed?


The medical credentialing process takes around 90-120 days. However, the process can be completed quicker if the applicants documents are complete and there are no objections.


How long does it take to get credentialed with Medicare?


Medicare credentialing usually takes 60 – 90 days to complete. However, the process can sometimes have a turnaround time of just 15 days. One of the main benefits of Medicare, is that the day they receive the application, providers can bill from that date.


Can I choose which provider I want to work with?


Yes, you can choose which medical providers you prefer to work with.


Am I guaranteed to get credentialed?


If you are fully licensed, there be no problem in identifying plenty of insurance companies and third party payers for you to be credentialed with. Other providers have more strict credentialing rules or may be closed for your particular speciality. In these instances, we will talk with you about the likelihood of a successful credentialing process. We want you to get the most out of your credentialing investment!


How long does it take to credential a provider with insurance companies?


Insurance companies can take between 60 – 90 days to verify the provider’s educational documents, qualifications, previous work experience, and a criminal record check.


When do I need to be re-credentialed for commercial payers?


Commercial payors usually review the provider agreement every 3 years. Some healthcare facilities or insurance companies perform recredentialing even more often, but you can safely assume you’ll need to re-credentialed at least every 3 years.

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